SocialXMedia is a progressive full service digital marketing firm.

We leverage the power of the internet connect it to a social media wave and intertwine these strategies to traditional marketing techniques to propel the growth of your business. Our integrated multi-tiered approach incorporates a completely customized social media campaign, tailored branding with poignant key messaging, premier graphic design, dynamic copy writing, state of the art e-marketing and traditional strategies and so much more. In less than two decades the worldwide web and digital communication have become cultural norms redefining consumer purchase patterns.



Who we are?

SocialXMedia is not your cookie cutter marketing firm. We operate from the prospective of partner, 100% committed to your project and 100% committed to your brand. Our expanse of resources and in-house talent is readily available to you to make success a reality.

What we do?

The process begins Research & Development. SocialXMedia will conduct a complete evaluation of the most current market research in your select industry to best position your business for success. With this information in hand, we will work with you to develop a marketing plan tailored to your specific needs and market base.